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Comprehensive understanding the microstructure features influencing the crack growth behaviour of the recently developed Al-alloys (plates)

- Detailed survey of microstructure, mechanical properties and fatigue and crack growth behaviour of the investigated alloys, and a better understanding of the effect of microstructure on fatigue and crack growth properties of aluminium plate alloys.

- Models describing the mechanical properties and fatigue behaviour of the investigated alloys and effect of their microstructure on these properties. These models will assist in a more precise definition of AIRBUS UK’s needs and more exact definition of the requirements for new aluminium alloys.

- Identification of microstructural parameters governing fatigue and crack growth characteristics of aluminium alloys, which will increase AIRBUS UK’s knowledge of the mechanisms producing fatigue damage in materials. This better understanding of the fatigue and crack growth processes could lead to a revision of design data, and may result in significant improvements in the efficiency of aeronautical structures produced by AIRBUS UK.

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