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Optical object tracking and patient evaluation

Optical Object Tracking and Patient Evaluation is an innovative new way of using the same basic technology to achieve several different tasks. First, there's the task of tracking the interaction objects to be used with the Multisense application, second there's the task of evaluating a patient which is being assessed using the Multisense application (examples of possible patient evaluations to be performed with the optical system would be pre- and post-op walking ability, joint range movement estimation, joint location estimation and segment length estimation).

The two tasks have very different requirements. The interaction object tracking is typically a small tracking volume, real time task whereas the patient assessment potentially requires a bigger volume - but not necessarily real time. The challenge is twofold: the system needs to perform well in the separate uses, but it also needs to be capable of switching from one use to the other without inconveniencing the user.

The use potential of such an optical tracking solution would be significant since it would allow expensive hardware to be used for multiple purposes, thus saving on the cost of installation. Furthermore, the inclusion of the patient evaluation as an integrated part of the Multisense application will mean that this very important part of the clinical process will be an integral part of the whole solution.

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