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Channel sounding and modelling

In this first document on the channel measurements and modelling, all the tasks, procedures and results related to this topic are presented. The content of this report is organised as follows:
- Measurement Set-up: This section includes a whole description of the channel sounding campaigns carried out by the consortium members. Not only the employed components and specifications (distances and frequencies) are covered, but also the block diagram and calibration procedures are explained.

- Measurement Environment: The presentation of the different scenarios where the measurement campaigns were performed is covered in this section. Maps containing the transmitter location and the different receiver ones, within the labs, corridors, halls and the rest of the scenarios are included. Besides, the process followed to study the spatial variations (grid), is also analysed.

- Post-Processing: Apart from an introduction to the special requirements of the UWB signal treatment, the results of the channel characterization, both time and frequency domain, are included. Moreover, the specific post-processing for the employed scenarios (threshold, FFT considerations, etc.) and several explanatory figures are added.

- Channel Model approach: A complete description of the LOS and NLOS channel models is the core of this section. These channel models elections are justified and their building process analysis is included.

- Channel Model Results: Finally, the evaluation of the accuracy achieved by these models is presented, through the comparison between parameters extracted from the models realisations and those obtained during the measurement campaigns.

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