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Distributed network of plant genomic databases connected through BioMoby web services complete with clients that allow multi-database queries and analysis workflows

PlaNet has created an integrated platform for plant genomic data. This is represented through a web portal that provides documentation and tutorials as well as search interfaces, tools and links to a network of European data providers (

This allows comprehensive queries across databases, flexible integration of new datasets, and powerful high-throughput analysis. Establishing connectivity on the basis of the internationally accepted BioMoby standard has enabled the novel possibility to simply and rapidly create custom analysis pipelines that use the integrated platform for comprehensive access to resources, e.g. using Taverna, a graphical bioinformatics analysis workflow design and execution tool (

This also integrates the plant genomics resources from the PlaNet project with international bioinformatics efforts, not only in the plant genomics field.

PlaNet gives access to data from a network of seven plant research centres with more than 10 databases made available through more than 160 web services. Gene reports are displaying an integrated view on Arabidopsis thaliana genes using distributed resources.

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