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Policy brief

Policy-Breaf consists Issues relating to the care process Results of analyses and Role of CareKeys.

Care process: This section highlights some key problems in the documentation and evaluation of long term care: need for a systematic approach to documentation; careplans inadequate; no comprehensive needs assessment to enable a broad evaluation; lack of/need for valid, reliable instruments; lack of/need for standardisation of documentation.

Results of CareKeys research: This section highlights several key issues: the need to respect the voice of the older person; good care must be based on sound knowledge/evidence; need to define a practical model/concept of crQoL; care has an impact on a person’s well-being; the importance of having a comprehensive needs assessment.

The role of CareKeys: This section will demonstrate that CareKeys will help in: Improving quality of life and quality of care in long term care; providing a rational and systematic approach to care planning; ensuring equity of care provision; developing crQol (Care-related quality of life) as a multidimensional concept; providing model instrumentation.

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