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Benchmarks for contact problems

NAFEMS has published a survey on FE Analysis of contact and friction and a booklet on how to undertake contact and friction analysis. A contact benchmarks report on two-dimensional problems was published as the first step in establishing a set of FE Contact benchmarks. It was acknowledged that although the current published NAFEMS benchmarks were limited in scope, they were important as the first step in establishing contact benchmarks.

A small “FENET Working Group on Contact” has been assembled with the collaboration of the NAFEMS CSM Working Group. Following discussions on the development of new advanced benchmarks, it was agreed to concentrate on only 5 contact benchmarks, as follows: - 2D Contact of cylindrical roller;
- 3D Punch (Rounded edges);
- 3D Sheet metal forming;
- 3D Loaded pin;
- 3D Steel roller on rubber.

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