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Provisional results of the production of CaP ceramic scaffold with improved bioresorbability properties

Preparation of apatite coatings on several substrates, mostly polymeric ones, using a well known coating method, the biomimetic method.

Substrates provided by other partners of the consortium (3, 4 and 8) were coated by a biomimetic method. The obtained coatings were characterized by SEM / EDS and by XRD.

Production of apatite nanoparticles and their use on the preparation of porous apatite particles.

Apatite nanosized particles were produced by a wet chemical method, involving a close control of the hydrotermal conditions. The morphology of the particles was characterized by SEM and TEM. Their specific surface area was evaluated by BET.

Their phase composition was analyzed by XRD and the Ca/P ratio was estimated by EDS.

Porous apatite particles were prepared by spray drying a suspension of the previously prepared apatite nanoparticles. The spray dried particles were characterized by SEM and their specific area was evaluated by BET.

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