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Results of the physico-chemical characterisation of scaffold porosity and biodegradation

Within the project different partner produce or modify three different scaffold types based on polymers, CaP or both. mnemoScience will obtain quantitative data about the chemical composition, the thermal and mechanical properties, the structure and the in vitro degradation behaviour of the scaffolds. The applied methods have to be optimised and standardised. The aim is to carry out a complete and reproducible characterisation with a preferably low number of samples as fast as possible and as economical as possible.

The establishment of a standard quality control system will be completed with the design of a quality report sheet for giving an objective overview of the materials properties and the quality of the scaffolds. The standardised quality control system can be applied not only on bone substitutes, but also on such for other tissue substitutes and generally for porous cell carriers.

The end-users of the results are the manufacturer of the scaffolds and the user of the scaffolds. Manufacturer are settled in the chemical or medical-technical industry, user are settled in the biotechnological and biomedical sector. The results are relevant for ensuring a certain scaffold quality, to increase the safety for the application of the material or to decrease the risk of a material defect.

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