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Development of a biocompatible oxygen carrying emulsion for the use in fixed bed bioreactors

- Improved emulsions starting from a given nutrient solution, delivered by partner 5

- Emulsions containing either 40% w/v Perfluorodecalin or 80% w/v Perfluorotributylamine as core oxygen carrier promising a sufficient oxygen delivery capacity; the first emulsion is based on FKT-I solution, the second on pure water to be mixed with a double concentrated FKT-I solution by partner 5

- Delivery of two litres of latter emulsion to partner 5 for testing on physical and physiological parameters in cell culture assays and in novel fixed bed reactors concerning their effectiveness in supporting bone-cell growth under oxygen limited conditions

- Average particle size of the emulsions between 150 and 250nm.

- Long-term storability at ambient temperature for more than one year.

- Development of a novel sterile production chamber for the production of PFC emulsions under sterile conditions.

- Readyness of delivery of the emulsions in a litre scale to partner 7 for degradation studies of polymeric scaffolds.

- Rheology studies of the emulsions for the use together with polymeric scaffolds.

- Surface charge studies of PFC emulsions.

- Ultrapurification of perfluorocarbons and purity analysis.

Reported by

ZIBMT/Abtlg. Biomaterialien; Universität Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 47
89081 Ulm
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