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Composition of aqueous mix (ceramic suspension + binder) and its processing conditions for low pressure injection moulding of 96 wt% Al2O3 pieces

On the basis of own industrial practice and of costs evaluation CIFER chose, in agreement with the RTD performers, the raw materials to develop an alumina based composition with the Al2O3 content more than 96 wt %.

Then, by examining the results of rheological tests, the aqueous suspension preparation conditions were defined.

The suitable procedure to add the gelling binder to the developed suspension was set-up.

The prepared mix processing conditions were studied and optimised, at laboratory level, by injecting the mix into a mould for cylindrical components production.
Finally, pre-series of alumina thread guides with the Al2O3 content more than 96 wt % were realised by using the optimised conditions for low pressure injection moulding. Different components of the same composition could be produced, by the same technique, if the suitable mould is available.

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