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A new optical thin film deposition process by Ion plating able to reduce to 1/10 the usual residual absorption of reactive low voltage Ion plating

This results is originated by a pre-existing patent (delivered in Italy and USA) that is an improvement of the technology of Reactive Low Voltage Ion Plating, that is able to produce very stable, dense and durable optical coatings but produces also a residual optical absorption, frequently unacceptable, that can be eliminated only with a thermal post treatment in oven.

The result obtained is based on the introduction of a R.F. or D.C. pulsed plasma surrounding the substrates;

This second plasma increase the reactivity of the deposition process, induces an ion bombardment of the growing optical film obtaining the result of reducing the residual optical absorption to 1/10 of the original value and also reduces the internal stress into the deposited film.

This new configuration of the deposition plant can be performed by modifying the existing RLVIP to produce stable, durable and absorption free high quality optical coating.

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