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Photoswitchable surface using molecular machines

Photoswitchable surface using molecular machines:
A new technique has been developed which is able to move micolitre droplets across a surface using rotaxane molecules as molecular motors, one of the most ambitious goals of the project. This could have applications in Lab-on-a-chip technologies.

The results of the research will be made available to the general scientific community through publicationin major peer-reviewed journals and presentation at national and international conferences. The participating groups will also make the results available in an informal way to the many scientists who visit their laboratories.

Three major publications have resulted from this project namely,
- Nature Materials, (2005), 4, 704-710;
- Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., (2005), 44, 2-7;
- Science, (2004), 306, 1532-1537.

A total of 13 publications and 16 conference presentations/workshops have been produced by the MechMol consortium as a result of this project.

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