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System for cooperative detection and localisation with a fleet of autonomous aerial vehicles

A software system for cooperative detection and localisation by means of a fleet of heterogeneous UAVs.

The software system consists of a distributed segment and a centralized segment. The distributed segment is integrated by a process attached to each source of data (each UAV), and is a plug-in for the detection and localization system. It can be placed on-board the vehicles of enough processing power or on ground processing units.
The centralized system is able to combine the information provided by the different vehicles to improve the detection and positioning capabilities of the system

The system can use cameras and other presence sensors. Different algorithms can be included in the system to detect objects of interest. These objects are geolocalised using the data provided by the positioning sensors on-board the UAVs.

Several techniques are used to reduce the false alarm ratio in detection and increase the accuracy in localisation by means of the fusion of the information provided by the different UAVs.

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