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Synthesis of novel sulfated poly-oligosaccharides

Using O-sulfation and O-desulfation procedures exploiting the intrinsic reactivity of different hydroxyls three structural defined family of heparin/heparansulfate glycomimetics where obtained.

- MHSs and 6-carboxy MHSs with different degrees and patterns of sulfation were obtained.

- Several samples of hight and low molecular weight sulfated hyaluronates

- Extensively O-sulfated, N-sulfated (as well as N-acetylated) K5-PS derivatives, both high and low molecular weight.

Oversulfated samples were studied by NMR spectroscopy to assign the signals and determine the percent sulfation at each position of disaccharidic repeating units.
Some of this molecules could be define as new heparanase inhibitors. Moreover, the generation of this kind of libraries can contribute to elucidate the structure activity relationship of heparin/heparansulfate sequences versus heparanase and other HS-binding proteins and suggest new potential inhibitor structures.

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Istituto di Ricerche Chimiche e Biochimiche G. Ronzoni
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