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Relationship between postnatal exposure in children in the first years of life, risk factors and allergy development

3.9 Predictors of allergic disease in children (WP 7)

We linked the postnatal questionnaire data administered to mothers when their birthed cohort reached 18-months of age with the medical examination data of the children at 18 months of age. There were a total of 477 mother-child pairs.

Among 477 mother-child pairs, we found 72 (15.1%) and 78 (16.4%) that met our two case definitions of AE. We discovered in preliminary, univariate analyses several predictors of childhood AE: having been diagnosed with allergy to cow’s milk; having been diagnosed with allergy to other foods; having the flu or serious cold within the past 12 months; having a fever within the past four weeks; having a cough in the past four weeks; having a runny nose in the last four weeks; staying with a family/neighbour/acquaintance; and staying with a host-mother or sitter.

But because we have received the completed data files only as recently as March 2006, we have not has enough time to adequately clean and close them, so as to analyze them properly. There is an additional set of analyses to perform in order to adequately determine multivariate associations with regard to this research question. Further, there are many more research questions to ask and answer with these datasets.

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