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VE-cadherin peptides to disrupt angiogenesis

Vectors expressing VE-cadherin extracellular domains (EC) 1 and 1+2 were produced to be injected in mice or to be used in the allantois. When these vectors were used to infect human umbilical cord endothelial cells they caused disruption of the endothelial cell monolayer. This indicates that the fragments have the activity of disrupting cell to cell junctions. Therefore it was decided to test these viruses in vivo in a follow-up study to this project.

In additional experiments, peptidic sequences of the EC1 domain have been used to further dissect the active region of EC1 domain of VE-cadherin required for its adhesive properties. Different short peptidic sequences spanning the all EC1 domain were tested. Three peptides found to be effective, as inhibitors of angiogenesis have been reformulated in a cyclic conformation.

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