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Effect of chemical and biological treatments on Aspergillus Section Nigri and OTA control

The effectiveness of Switch (where fludioxonil and cyprodinil are the active ingredients) in controlling the incidence of sour rot caused by Aspergillus spp. in raisin and wine producing vineyards in two consecutive growing seasons and geographical areas was evidenced. Switch significantly reduced the level of Aspergillus populations on the collected berries and late Switch applications are more efficient compared to the early ones. Fludioxonil is also the most effective active ingredient against Aspergillus spp., in the field if compared with Chorus (where cyprodinil is the active ingredient) and Carbentazim and offers a promising base for planning spray programs to reduce or control sour rot of berries in raisin or wine producing vineyards and underlined the relevance of a good management of the vineyard also against other parasites to have the best efficacy of the product.Aureobasidium pullulans strain K4 and Cryptococcus laurentii strain GY18 were equally effective to Switch on reducing the percentage of sour rot and the percentage of the Aspergillus population on the collected berries.

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