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2.Spray-dried zirconia fully stabilized powder led to very good quality coatings that seem to provide good protection to Ti leading to very smooth surface after casting

From the analysis of the results it is obvious that the mean values of the flexural strength of the zirconia-yttria protected titanium specimens, which were coated by Duceratin Plus and Noritake ultra low fusing dental porcelains appeared significantly higher (29.70 and 28.40 respectively) values than those which were cast by using magnesia investment material (22.40 and 23.10 respectively). Mean values of the third porcelain (Vita Titan Keramik) did not appear any statistically significant difference (33.73 and 34.30 respectively). A Scanning Electron Image accompanied with a Scanning Line for elements Ti, O, Zr, Y, P and Si revealed no entrance of Phosphorous and Silicon elements, within the mass of the casting from the phosphate-bonded investment material (Fig 6). On the opposite Magnesia investment material, although it does not contain silicon and phosphorous it produces inferior metallurgical phases, not the optimum of the metal-ceramic bonding. A second observation is that Vita TitanKeramik showed the best mean values (the higher flexural strength), probably due the stronger bonding agent of this porcelain.

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