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TOFD procedure for weld inspection

The TOFDPROOF project is an integrated approach to allow for the introduction of TOFD method as a stand alone NDT technique for detection and sizing of defects in carbon steel welds at the manufacturing stage.

The project is co-normatif and aims at completing the European standards.
The project work plan involves seven work packages contributing to the aim of an agreed European position concerning : the performance of TOFD inspection, the procedures for applying TOFD, the needs for training and certification and the design of acceptance criteria. Technological, economical and human factors will be considered. The performance of TOFD will be compared with conventional NDT as defined by European standards for testing pressure vessels at the manufacturing stage.

This evaluation will be carried out by means of a round robin test on specimens. All the results generated by this round robin exercise will be stored in a data base set up on a Web site. Specific tools will be developed in order to enable a quick and reliable comparison of the TOFD results with those obtained by conventional NDT. This comparison will normally be performed using Probability Of Detection (POD) curves and statistical analysis tools.

At the same time optimised TOFD procedures and specific related acceptance criteria will be developed. Guidelines for training and certification will be written and distributed to the NDT society, the relevant standardisation CEN technical committees and the EU companies dealing with weld inspection. TOFD with the corresponding acceptance criteria will then be applied on site on two welded components in order to demonstrate the technical efficiency and cost competitiveness compared with conventional NDT. Results will be in a suitable form for implementation in CEN standards and dissemination among NDT specialists.

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