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Introduction of clean waste collection vehicles

Introduction of a new type of CNG/CBG heavy vehicles for waste collection. Four vehicles will be bought and will run in the central parts of Göteborg

Collection of municipal solid waste in Sweden is usually performed by diesel-fuelled trucks. Conventional waste collection with diesel-fuelled trucks is noisy, polluting and hence, adversely affecting the environment and disturbing many people during operation. Conventional diesel-fuelled trucks entails inefficient use of the main engine during the waste collection procedure i.e. loading the waste into the vehicle and compacting it.

Only 40% of the time during a work shift, the truck�s main engine is used for transportation. During 60% of the time, the truck is standing still at the pick-up sites. Only half of the stop-time, the truck s main engine is used for the actual waste collecting procedure, the rest of the time the main engine is running on idle. This will in turn cause excessive noise and emissions at the pick-up sites.

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Renova AB
Gullbergs Strandgata 20-22
401 22 Göteborg
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