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2.1 Prediction of lean blow-out in liquid fuelled combustors

Goal of the research project was to investigate how pressure oscillations inside an aero engine combustor may affect the spray generated by an airblast nozzle. The interaction of the pressure oscillations inside the combustor and spray formation of air-blast nozzle was studied experimentally. Diagnostics included phase-locked (with respect to the pressure oscilaltions) Mie scattering from the droplets and phase locked PDA measurements of the droplets. In addition, the flow field was investigated by LDA.

The most important result was that at constant mass flow of fuel:
- The size of the droplets emerging form the nozzle is almost anaffected by the pressure oscillations.
- The droplet rate oscillates strongly with the same frequency as the pressure oscillations.
- There is a phase shift between pressure oscillation and the fluctuations of the droplet rate which depends on the frequency of the pressure oscillations.

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