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2.3 Investigation of combustion instabilities for swirling premixers

This aim of this experiment is getting information about the unsteady characteristics of the two-phase flow inside a LPP duct. The rate of fuel vaporisation, the mixing process and the fuel placement at the combustor inlet are investigated that all play a primary role in the inception of combustion instabilities phenomena.

The experiments are carried out on a large-scale model of an industrial swirl-flow LPP burner designed by Avio at operating conditions scaled at atmospheric conditions. Two configurations are investigated (different geometries of the radial inflow swirlers with same swirl number).

With the help of advanced measurement techniques (LDV, PDA, PIV) the time-varying characteristics of the continuous as well as the dispersed phases have been investigated. The mutual effects of the unsteady air flow and liquid fuel spray are analysed.

The data give an idea of the complex interaction of the vortex breakdown, and flow recirculation within swirling premixing devices and their possible influence on combustion oscillations.
As an outcome of this task, information will be obtained for advanced swirl-premixing LPP devices in order to prevent dangerous working conditions, such as flash-back and auto-ignition.

The experimental study is accompanied by numerical simulations that give a deeper insight into the complex physical interactions contributing to the analysis and comprehension of the experimental results.

The CFD code developed by University of Genova, NastComb, based on Lagrangian time-derivatives, is used as a support for the interpretation of the experimental data and in the same time it was validated on the database produced by experiments.

This code will be extensively used in the next future as a numerical tool for the design of fuel preparation systems.

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