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3.2 Validation and comparison of techniques

The comparisons between the different competitive techniques will help in a better understanding of the range of use and potentialities of the tested techniques and provide a gain in the understanding of their sensitivity to the different experimental parameters.

The following tools are used to build the comparisons:
- An experimental bench generating a mono-disperse droplet stream in different configurations such as heating, cooling, evaporating and burning, isolated droplet or dense streams, with the following measurement techniques:
-- LIF mean temperature measurement technique, developed at LEMTA;
-- IR surface temperature measurement technique, developed at ONERA;
-- Rainow refractometry mean temperature and droplet size measurement technique, currently under development at ONERA ;

- Evaporation models of monocomponent droplet streams ;

- Droplet-laser interaction models, including Generalised Lorenz-Mie Theory, to compute Rainbow signals.

The definitions, assumptions and sensitivity are different among the above listed. The comparisons that are made give way to improvements and, as the whole process is iterated, individual convergence and global agreements are expected. This process will lead to a better understanding of the phenomena under study

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