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3.3 Database construction for numerical models

Using the innovative non-intrusive diagnostics in combusting two phase flow developped in the framework of the MUSCLES program (two colors laser induced fluorescence combined to PDA or planar laser-induced fluorescence on vapor of acetone, rainbow thermometry or IR thermometry), a database on several basic test cases in both evaporating/combusting monodissperse droplet streams and evaporating polydisperse sprays has been constructed.

The database contains a wide rang of test cases has been constructed:
- Combusting ethanol droplet stream: simultaneous droplet diameter and temperature measurements, for various inter droplet distances
- Evaporating acetone droplet stream (pre-heated fuel or droplets injected in heated air): simultaneous droplet diameter and temperature measurement, with acetone vapour concentration characterisation
- Ethanol polydisperse spray: droplet diameter distribution with measurement of local droplet mean temperature.
The main benefits of these results are:
- The data collected on the different experiments will be used according to two directions

The test cases on laboratory experiments will promote the development of more accurate physical models. The measurements and identification of the heating and evaporation fluxes on streaming and combusting droplets with interaction phenomena has been carried out: new correlations with more physical phenomena will be established and could be valuably inserted in computational codes of industrial partners, for the design of combustion chambers.

The measurement of the temperature distribution within droplets is a great step in the understanding of the heat transfer within droplets, especially during the heating phase of the droplets in the combustion chamber. New heat transfer models, taking into account the fluid circulation inside the droplets will be developed in the light of these experimental data.

All these experimental data and new physical models will be published in both archival literature and International Conferences.

The test case on polydisperse evaporating spray is closest to real sprays in combustion chambers and will help the industrial partners to validate and assess the existing RANS/LES computational codes.

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