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3.4 Fluctuation analysis of swirled kerosene flame

This task is mainly experimental and is focused on the fluctuations analysis of swirl stabilised kerosene flames.

It is clear that coherent and quasi-periodic oscillations characterise isothermal swirl flows but only few of these features are effective in burning conditions for spray flames.

The scope of this experimental work is trying to clarify this lack of knowledge that affects whatever kind of enhancement in terms of combustion efficiency and pollutant abatement.

This is very outstanding taking into account that stabilisation mechanisms are mainly based on this type of configuration for diffusion controlled combustion.

This work will provide detailed data of kerosene fired, reactive flows with strongly three-dimensional and fluctuating velocity and temperature distributions.
The extended database will provide an advanced understanding of this type of flames and will be used as a benchmark for the validation of numerical calculations.

In particular, PDPA measurements with high level of resolution coupled with a high-speed camera will follow the evolution of dimensions and trajectories of particles and pollutant species. The different classes of particles will be distinguished by Time Resolved Laser Light Scattering.

The experimental data and the correlations developed will be used as input database for CFD simulations or test cases taking into account the local flame oscillations close to extinction.

Data analysis will be discussed with the industrial partner for the improvement of in-house CFD codes and to implement optimised design rules for combustors.

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