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End-user validation

TNO has tested and validated the chemical method developed by the Gent University by analysing different types of feeds (poultry, pig and cattle). During the validation study different types of LC-MS instruments were used. Finally the type of instrument used by Gent University proved to yield the best results. After testing the chemical method, the description of the method (SOP) was improved in a dedicated meeting by Gent University, Queens University and TNO in Zeist (NL). At the same time, details of the preparation of the ring test were discussed. As part of the preparation of the ring test, the feed samples specifically prepared were quantitatively analysed to obtain data on the incorporated levels and the homogeneity of the material. Not all, but sufficient medicated feeds were found to be suitable to be used a ring test material. During the ring test, TNO also participated as participant. Overall, the scores obtained in the ring test proved that the method developed is suitable as confirmatory method for the detection of banned antibiotics in different types of animal feeds.

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