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Clinical recommendations established in 12 project centres for best clinical practice of the use of 5 coercive treatment measures: involuntary admissi

Based on the clinical recommendations for the use of the 5 coercive treatment measures mostly established in group discussions of local expert groups - the co-ordinating centre used a qualitative methodology, in which 2 feedback loops with all centres were implemented, to produce a common clinical recommendation for the use of the 5 coercive treatment measures: involuntary admission, detention after voluntary admission, mechanical restraint, seclusion, and forced medication.

These recommendations follow a structure addressing a range of important issues, the selection of which was oriented at the research question to produce recommendations aiming to improve the procedural quality of the measures (for the best of the patient). As an example, the recommendations for involuntary hospital admission cover the following issues: pre-conditions for this measure subdivided into lawfulness, and clinical situations; professionals/persons addressed by this recommendation subdivided into police, emergency service physicians, physicians in the psychiatric facility, nurses/paramedic staff, judges, and others; practical issues concerning the contact with the patients; ethical issues; practical issues referred to procedural aspects like information, and decision taking; practical issues referred to other persons; issues of special importance, and not to be categorized otherwise; issues significantly different across the centres; and general proposals for improving the present situation.

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