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Robotic system for dismantling of the process cell of a reprocessing plant

The aim of the project was to build and test a robotic system to dismantle a reprocessing plant according to the contact cell philosophy. The system consists of a servomanipulator installed in a containment box. The box is positioned over the process cell and communicates with it through a hole provided with a double lid system to ensure containemnt of the contamination.

A hoist and the slave of a two arm bilateral servomanipulator installed at the bottom of a telescopic column are present inside the box. The manipulator is let into the cell and carries out the dismantling operations instead of the operators. The hoist allows transfer of the dismantled equipment from the cell to the box.

The experimental test of the system was carried out on a mock up of the EUREX plant, an Italian reprocessing plant built according to the contact cell philosophy.

Two cutting tools were chosen in the planning stage (ie a grinder and a reciprocating saw). Thermal cutting tools were not considered. A suitable support was designed and built to allow the MASCOT to grip the grinder. Special vices were studied to fix the reciprocating saw to the equipment it must cut.

Preliminary tests pointed out some difficulties concerning the tightening of the vices. A new saw was bought. The dismantling test gave good results. The grinder was used to cut piping of small diameter. Large piping and supports were cut with the saw. The cell decontaminating was carried out after dismantling the equipment. The test gave good results, but furthur studies are necessary.

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