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New method for direct differential display of two or more samples for proteomic analysis

ProteoSys AG developed ProteoTope, which provides a direct differential display of two or more samples for proteomic analysis. Samples are labelled with different radioactive isotopes of iodine, such as I-125 and I-131, under chemically identical conditions, then the samples are mixed and separated together by two dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2D-PAGE).

ProteoTope can separate the radioactive signals coming from each radioisotope, and hence from proteins from each sample, and the differential ratio of intensities or signals from each of the samples can be determined. ProteoTope is part of the proprietary technology platform of ProteoSys AG, a small biotechnology company with 25 employees.

P3 has been unable to find a buyer for the commercial rights to ProteoTope despite efforts to sell the technology. At the moment, ProteoTope is the exclusive proprietary property of ProteoSys AG. ProteoSys also patented the stable isotope mass spectrometry method analysis of relative isotopologue abundances (ARIA). This patent application has been discontimued since no suitable commercial vendor could be identified.

ProteoTope is an advertised part of the commercial technology platform of ProteoSys AG (P3) on the company website, which helps maintain the employment of a staff of 25.

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