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Insights in CF pathology

The major achievement of Partner 2 was obtained surprisingly with glycoproteins in saliva of CF patients, a study not envisaged at the drafting of the project and therefore not included. A combination of lectin column chromatography and electrophoretic separation showed significant and distinct increases in CF patient saliva glycoproteins, as reported in the third progress report and verified and further detailed during the extension period. P2 has planned a detailed project with Danish partners to collect saliva samples, to investigate the glycoprotein changes and to identify the particular glycoprotein components undergoing changes, i.e. increases in amounts and character, indicating a possible diagnostic approach of non-invasive character. The laboratory tools involved are simple and non-expensive and P2 is led to believe that the potential diagnostic value of the indications will be further substantiated by the planned activities with the focus on development of a simple, economical, and patient-friendly non-invasive diagnostic tool. The significance for the patient being that here may be a method to assess the disease without any harm or troubles for the patient, except to spit in a tray.

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