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Publication of individual group results in scientific journals

The project results of MIDAIR will be published by the individual working groups in scientific journals, magazines and other print or electronic media. The publications will cover topics from the ten work packages of MIDAIR:
WP1: Definition of model farms
WP2.1:Monitoring GHG from manure storages at organic and conventional manure
WP2.2:Monitoring N2O and N2 fixation in organic and conventional crop rotations
WP3: Modelling organic and conventional dairy production units
WP4: Full-scale validation of measurements and models
WP5.1:N2O mitigation from grazed pastures under organic and conventional management
WP5.2: Effects of storage conditions on GHG emissions from cattle manure
WP5.3: GHG mitigation by anaerobic digestion
WP6: Mitigation measures
WP7: Mitigation strategies

Each work package contains interrelated tasks, which will be reflected in joint publications and reviews. These publications will characterise technical, management-related and systemic mitigation measures by their overall GHG mitigation efficiency, environmental trade-offs and socio-economic implications, and will recommend cost-effective strategies on a farm and region level. The GHG mitigation potential for all dairy regions in Europe will be quantified by up-scaling, and agronomic, environmental and socio-economic consequences of complete or partial adoption of mitigation strategies will be assessed and presented.

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