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Evaluation of the protectiveness of surface treatments for lead organ pipes

Different methods for the protection of both corroded and uncorroded lead objects have been considered, on the basis of a survey of the literature on surface treatments for the protection of lead-based alloys. A set of candidate surface treatments has been applied on lead coupons. The protective efficiency of these treatments has been tested and compared.

The innovative feature of the result is the assessment and comparison of the protective efficency in acetic acid environment of treatments for lead conservation, selected and optimised with a view to the applicability on organ pipes in an organbuilding workshop. For this reason, the result of the assessment is of particular interest for organ builders and organ restorers who might consider the application of protective coatings on lead rich-organ pipes.

The results indicate that the application of protective treatments on the inner surface of the pipe foot is not advisable, since treatments may modify the geometry of the foot tip or the mouth area without guaranteeing adequate protection in long-term exposure to organic acid environment.

This result might contribute to safeguarding the original characteristics of historical organs. This result may have potential applications in the field of conservation of organ pipes. Seminars and workshops to potential end-users (organ builders and organ restorers) have been planned to disseminate this result.

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