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Method to take and use samples of corroded pipe metal

A method to take samples from corroded pipes has been set up. This method has been used in order to get samples for the study of microstructure and composition of corroded pipes as well as for the identification of corrosion products. No method had been previously defined for this kind of studies, apart from a few recommendations in order to preserve the microstructure of the metal.

The aim of our method is to get maximum information from the sample at minimum damage for the pipe. Suggestions for cutting the pipe without deforming the pipe itself and the sample have been proposed. A method to subdivide the sample for non-destructive analysis of corrosion products, microstructural and chemical analysis of the metal and observation of corrosion products in cross section has been set up.

This method may have potential applications in the field of corrosion studies on flue pipes; the method can also be modified in order to be used for other ancient lead objects. Researchers who study metal antiquities can be potential end-users of this method. Also restorers who provide samples to researchers may be interested in how to take samples according to this method. The description of the method in scientific publications can be used to disseminate this result.

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