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Valve for ventilation of pipe organ wind system

A pneumatic valve has been developed for installation in the organ wind system (wind trunks and windchests) in order to automatically ventilate the organ before start playing so the wind containing accumulated organic acids will be evacuated.
4 valves have been manufactured and installed in the pallet boxes in the windchest in a case study using the historical Stellwagen organ in St. Jakobi church, Lübeck, severely affected by corrosion.

The valve is already a product, available from the owner of this result.
Potential users or customers are organbuilders and organ restorers that want to install the valve as one of the actions included in the conservation strategy in order to impede a corrosive environment in the organ.

The availability of this valve will be disseminated through education of organbuilders and the owners of the instruments suffering from corrosion at conferences and seminars, in articles and by the project Web site. It will also be presented in a publication including a scientific/popular report and guidelines for a conservation strategy produced by the project consortium.

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