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Project ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10003
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-INCO 2
Kraj: Italy

Abstract volume of the MEDCORE project international conference

At the end of the MEDCORE project we organised an international conference: The Mediterranean coastal areas from watershed to the sea: interactions and changes, Florence 10-14 November 2006.

From the presentation of the Abstract Volume by Felicita Scapini: Integration in the Mediterranean is a challenge. The same waters wash different countries and continents, and the coasts are a continuous line linking a great diversity of cultures, people, environments and organisms. Also science can represent a link, and common research projects are the first step towards integration. This conference is characterised by disciplinary diversity: history, geography, socio-economy and ecology. We thank the delegates for their efforts towards a common language, beyond cultural and disciplinary specificity.

The aim of this conference is to integrate and disseminate scientific results at the advantage of the people living in Mediterranean coastal areas, to preserve the natural heritage for the future generations. In the framework of the INCO-MED EU Programme, we have conducted environmental research since 1998, and established a network of researchers across the Mediterranean. Other researchers have joined this conference as well as environmental managers, who share the interest of understanding and protecting the Mediterranean ecosystems. The venue of this conference, Florence, is more or less central in the Mediterranean basin, and its monuments are signs of a long history of interactions. The University of Florence that hosts this pan-Mediterranean conference, has a strong experience of international collaboration and has started several joint projects with other universities of Mediterranean partner countries to foster high formation and research.

The abstracts of spoken and poster presentations were printed in a small handy volume by the Firenze Universiy Press, 2005, of 109 pages, with the picture-logo of the project by the artist Luigi Scapini in the cover (result 38303). In the first pages the sponsor and patronising institutions are indicated (the logos are found in the back cover), the scientific and organising committees, the programme of the conference, the index of the volume, the list of authors with addresses and e-mails.

The abstracts of oral and poster contributions are in English or French, of one to two pages each. In the appendix, two longer articles were printed, which describe the two places visited during the field excursion: the Biogenetic Nature Reserve of Montefalcone, and the Fucecchio Marshes, both in Tuscany, Italy. The number of abstracts published is 70 (55 thereof from the MEDCORE project), in alphabetic order to be easily found. The authors are 120 from 16 countries. In the programme of the conference the contributions were distributed to different sessions, with topics from general to particular: The general framework, Socioeconomic aspects, Changes in habitats and landscapes, Marine ecology aspects, Sandy beach environment, Genetic aspects and behavioural adaptation, and Diversity in the catchment areas.

We printed 300 volumes to distribute during the conference. More at available at request. A PDF file of the volume is freely available in the internet:

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