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Project ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10003
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-INCO 2
Paese: Italy

Book: The Maremma regional park a guide to know and understand

One of the study sites of the MEDCORE project has been the Maremma Regional Park, a protected coastal area established in 1976 for its natural and cultural value. Since then thousands of visitors went to the park and tens of researchers conducted their studies in the area. Some specific documentation has been distributed and sold in the visitors centre of the Park, but a comprehensive guide was missing, which would drive attention to the integration between compartments, to the existing issues, changes and management. We decided to fill this gap and produce a guide for the public at an intermediate level between scientific and a popular book. The book would be written in Italian in a scientifically correct language but not technical, and have colour attractive pictures.

The book is subdivided in four sections and chapters covering a large range of topics, that were not covered by the existing information on the park. Several authors contributed to the book and presented first hand research and results from the MEDCORE project and other related local projects. The volume is ready for printing in Italian and we look for sponsors to prepare translations in English and German, as the international tourists visiting the park would be interested in it. Considering that the target readers are mainly tourists visiting or planning to visit the park, school classes and students, the book will be sold by the Parco at the Centro Visite; therefore the costs for printing will be paid by the Parco and the Publisher. It was agreed that people who have paid for a book are more likely to read it than to read a book received for free. The EU and the MEDCORE will be acknowledged for the support to the research.

Contents of the Book: Introduction;
Part 1. The geographic context (presentation of the area, geography, geomorphology, hydrography, climate, the cartographic image through time, the dynamics of the Ombrone River mouth and the coast, the rocky shore, the caves, the vegetal lanscape);

Part II. Animal biodiversity (mammals, marsh birds, butterflies, coleopterans and isopods in the different habitats of the park, animals in the canals, arthropods in the underground waters);

Part III. From land to sea (sedimentological dynamics and coastal dune development, beach-dune system, genetic diversity of beach sandhoppers, sandhoppers on the move from land to sea, wrack on the beach, small animals in the intertidal zone, life in sand and its ecological role, underwater seagrass meadows);

Part IV. The links between man and the park, history and traditions (the history of the area; a literary description when it was a marsh in 800; the rural buildings and architecture at the time of land reclamation; the endemic cattle, cows and horses; fish for poor people in the past; the traditional uses of plants);

Part V. The Maremma Regional park and its management between present and future (management and production of the pine tree woods and the maquis; tourists and visitors of the park; the management of multidisciplinary problems in the coastal park).

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Department of Evolutionary Biology - University of Florence
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