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MED-CORE Report Summary

Project ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10003
Funded under: FP5-INCO 2
Country: Egypt

Stakeholders' consultation on baseline studies and developed guidelines for sustainable development of Rosetta area

A stakeholder consultation was conducted in order to verify the issues identified through the baseline studies and to allow for participation of stakeholders in drawing the guidelines for sustainable development of the area.

The overall objective of the meeting was to verify the outcome of baseline studies and evaluate the developed guidelines for sustainable development of Rosetta area. For that purpose, a number of theses were identified and discussed in the consultation process including::
- Special characters of Rosetta area.
- Main issues in the area and the most affected groups.
- Real requirements and needs of the residents.
- Main stakeholders and their roles.
- Sustainable development of Rosetta area in terms of objectives and tools.

Despite the variety of stakeholders groups, which include for example, farmers, fishermen, local authority officials and the residents, the university students of the area residents were identified as a target stakeholder. It is thought that such a group represents a reasonable proportion of the population. They are also highly educated with somewhat high levels of awareness of the prevailing conditions in the area as their family heads and relatives are part of the main stakeholders' groups identified before.

Moreover, they have an interest in the future of the area. Therefore, a number of university students living in Rosetta area were invited to participate in a meeting in order to discuss the prospects of attaining sustainable development in Rosetta area.
A number of considerations were taken into account, to ensure the success of the consultation, the mediator acted only as a facilitator among different and opposite view points and didn't gave or support any side. At the beginning the mediator assured that there is no right or wrong answer to the questions during the discussion. Also, all the statements, comment and answers given by participants discussed in details.

Generally, the consultation showed that issues such as high levels of poverty prevailing in the area would strongly support the argument that attaining sustainability in this area and similar ones in the Mediterranean regions is questionable. Therefore, concerted and well-organized efforts at regional level, especially in the light of the similarities found in environmental and socioeconomic conditions need to be undertaken to provide technical and financial support at the local level to promote sustainable development. Such support has to provide institutional support to local authorities, while promoting the role of public participation and efforts of the NGOs.

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