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First DayWater partner and core-end-user meeting proceedings

Minutes of the DayWater kick-off meeting:

1List of future tasks (first year: 2003)
2Participants to DayWater Kick-off meeting
4DayWater administrative organisation
4.1General Organisation
4.2Quality Control Procedure
5Presentation of DayWater End-Users
6Presentation of the EC Scientific Officer - Z. Vergos
7DayWater scientific WP's organisation
7.2WP2 "ADSS Production"
7.3WP3 "Urban Dynamics"
7.4WP4 "Risk and Impact Assessment"
7.5WP5 "Multi-criteria analysis of structural and non-structural Best Management Practices (BMPs)"
7.6WP6 "Sources and Flux Models"
7.7WP7 "Field Testing"
8Further Planning
8.1Date and site of annual and regional meetings, newsletter
8.2Information exchange (Intranet/Internet)
8.3DayWater logo
91st Advisory Steering Board (ASB) Meeting
9.1ASB decision procedure
9.2Replacement of German CEUG end-users
9.3Commercialisation Consortium agreement
9.4Consortium agreement (CA)

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