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Second DayWayer partner and core-end-user meeting proceedings

1 -DayWater progress meeting: Thursday 16 October 2003
1.1Presentation of Zissimos Vergos (European Commission)
1.2WP1 - coordination (M. Förster)
1.3WP3 - Urban Dynamics (G. Geldof)
1.4WP4 - Risk and Impact Assessment (P.-S. Mikkelsen)
1.5WP5 - Multi-criteria analysis of structural and non structural BMPs (M. Revitt
1.6WP6 - Sources and flux Models (G. Svensson)
1.7WP2 - ADSS Production (T. Metelka)
1.8WP7 - Field testing (J.-C. Deutsch)
2DayWater end-user meeting: Friday 17 October 2003
2.1End-user workshops
2.1.1Call for suggestions of sampling sites (J.-M. Mouchel, ENPC)
2.1.2Workshop 1: CEUG questionnaires - operation & exploitation (G. Geldof, TAUW)
2.1.3Workshop 2: Regional Conferences - operation & exploitation (J.-C. Deutsch, ENPC)
2.1.4Workshop 3: ADSS architecture & functions (S. Vanecek, DHI)
2.1.5Workshop 4: ADSS component testing methodology (J.-F. Deroubaix, ENPC)
2.2ASB Meeting
2.2.1Deliverable quality control
2.2.2Management / Periodic report procedure
2.2.3Cost Statement
2.2.4Budget modification request
2.2.5Project publication strategies
2.2.6CityNet cross project groups:
2.2.7CityNet road map towards FP6 proposal
2.2.8Summary of major decisions / actions
Appendix 1: Partner participants to 1st annual DayWater meeting in Athens
Appendix 2. End-user participants to 1st annual DayWater meeting in Athens

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