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Literature review of decision support tools for integrated urban storm water management

Traditionally the focus of urban stormwater management (USWM) is limited to technical aspects and as a result of this the scope water management is reduced to solving a technical optimisation problem for urban stormwater. In this project we will take into account all the relevant processes in urban areas: the technical aspects as well as the societal, economical, cultural and historical aspects of USWM. Urban dynamics are defined as all relevant, emerging processes in the urban context of USWM that some how affect USWM.

The Daywater project considers USWM as a part of the whole environment and therefore the ADSS also have to include the context of USWM. The interactions between USWM and the context are complex by nature, because many actors are involved in the process, a large variety of structures exist at different scale levels, and many policy fields are covered, such as traffic, spatial planning and housing. Coping with this complexity has lead to the idea of a DSS with an adaptive nature (ability to adapt its structure when the context changes in order to survive ). In the Daywater project the dynamic urban context (in this project Urban Dynamics) is taken into consideration.

The ADSS must support all kind of urban stormwater managers on all kind of levels in deciding on implementing measures. It supports how to reduce the pollution of water, the desertification of soils and the floods in a more durable way. The ADSS helps the manager to find out the real problems the decision makers are coping with. The project Daywater starts with an inventory of the way USWM is given form by the CEU. This report describes the inventory and gives a first analysis of the urban dynamics.

This report gives containts a review of existing knowledge on decision support systems. Furthermore it comprises an first basic flowchart for the ADSS including all knowledge components delivered by the other partners.

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