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Development of a sources and flux model (SFM) for analysing substance flows in stormwater systems increases the need of knowledge on material uses in urban areas. Some of the information needed for modelling can be found in databases at municipalities, but in general there are lack of important data on surface materials. Available methods for obtaining the needed data is to compile information in existing databases and complement with field inventories. Field investigations in larger catchments is time consuming and it can be problems to reach roofs and private properties to determine the material uses. Another approach is to use some kind of remote sensing for mapping of the catchment. This report will review the possibilities of using remote sensing for identifying the material composition of surfaces, land uses and impervious surfaces in urban catchments.

The report starts with a brief introduction to the basic concepts of remote sensing in section 2 and continues with an review of the state of the art in remote sensing of impervious areas (section 3.1) and identification of material use (section 3.2). In section 4 a discussion of the possibilities and methods relevant for DayWater are presented. The report includes general methods that are possible to use independent of local databases or archives. Possibilities to determine similar information from local resources is not reviewed since the varying status of such resources make any general conclusions impossible.

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