Servicio de Información Comunitario sobre Investigación y Desarrollo - CORDIS

Proceedings of regional conferences, extended end-user group

1 Introduction

2 Regional Conference objectives (by Jose Frederic Deroubaix)
2.1 Programme
2.3 Summary of the output of the regional conferences (by Eleni Chouli)

3 French regional conference, Paris - 10 October 2003 (by ENPC)
3.1 Agenda
3.2 ADSS-Presentation by Jean-Claude Deutsch, researcher at CEREVE-ENPC
3.3 Stormwater source control: Presentation by Core End-Users
3.4 Integration of BMPs in Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis : Presentation by Thierry Maytraud, urbanism department in DEA
3.5 Exchange with all participants on stormwater management problems
3.6 Result on questionnaires sent before the conference
3.7 Result on questionnaires given during the conference
3.8 Foreseen function of the ADSS
3.9 Demand for the future ADSS
3.10 Project proposals for the testing of the ADSS

4 Czech regional conference, Prague - 13-14 October 2003 (by DHI)
4.1 Meeting agenda
4.2 Objectives of meeting
4.3 Decisions taken (tasks)

5 Greek regional conference, Athens - 14 October 2003 (by NTUA)
5.1 Meeting agenda
5.2 Presentations
5.3 The analysis of questionnaires by S. Papatzani
5.4 Questions
5.5 Decisions taken

6 Dutch regional conference, Deventer - 21 October 2003 (by TAUW)
6.1 Meeting agenda
6.2 Objectives of meeting
6.3 Results of discussion
6.4 Questionnaires

7 German regional conference, Berlin - 30-31 October 2003 (by IPS)
7.1 Objectives of meeting
7.2 Presentations
7.3 Discussion
7.4 Results

8 Swedish regional conference, Stockholm - 12 November 2003 (by Chalmers)
8.1 Meeting agenda
8.2 Objectives of the meeting
8.3 Presentations
8.4 Invitation to be an extended end-user (EEU) ..
8.5 Risk assessments for stormwater, Anna Ledin, DTU
8.6 Model city Hammarby Sjöstad, Daniel Hellström, Stockholm Water Co
8.7 Outcome from the discussion

9 British regional conference, Braintree - 18 November 2003 (by MU)
9.1 Meeting agenda
9.2 Objectives of the meeting
9.3 Presentations
9.4 Site visit to the Great Notley Country Park stormwater wetland (led by Brian Shutes)

10 Danish regional conference, Jütland - 25 November 2003 (by DTU)
10.1 Meeting agendameeting
10.3 Presentations
10.4 Questionnaires
10.5 Outcome from the discussion

Annex A: List of Participants
Annex B: Greek Extended End-User Questionnaire
Annex C: Danish Extended End-User Questionnaire
Annex D: Results from the evaluation of the Danish questionnaires
Annex E: Results from the evaluation of the Swedish questionnaires
Spørgeskema om risiko i forbindelse med lokal håndtering af regnvand(Udfyldes ved formiddags kaffepausen)Del 1 Generel information 10.6 Del 2 Håndtering af regnvand i byer
Uddybende spørgsmål (Udfyldes ved eftermiddags kaffe pausen)
Compilation of answers to the EEU-Questionnaire

Core-end user group, extended end-user group, proceedings, regional conference

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