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Strategy for the final CityNet cluster conference

CityNet will use the 10th International Conference on Urban Drainage (10th ICUD) for a general conference presentation of results from the cluster. The CityNet presentation will include:
- Platform sessions for each of the five projects (AISUWRS, APUSS, CARE-S, CD4WC, DayWater)
- CityNet workshop with posters representing each project Until now, 700 attendees have registered, and 375 papers have been accepted. Among them are 34 papers from CityNet projects.

The results will be presented as Conference CD-ROM, 55 papers in Water Science and Technology (double issue), 5-8 papers in Urban Water Journal, 100 papers in Water Intelligence Online. A public archive with all material is planned.

A CityNet book will be published and negotiation with IWAP has started on this. The book is proposed to consist of three parts:
- A: introduction to the cluster and cluster activities
- B: Sections based on papers from ICUD conference, chapters of 30-50 pages from each project
- C: Overview and conclusions, critical review of cluster activities.

CityNet has a budget reserve to sponsor five key participants from Eastern Europe and developing countries, to ensure that these regions are exposed to the results and technology produced. It was previously agreed that each project should propose one participant (at 1500 Euro each), but after some discussion it was agreed that it would be more feasible (and cost-effective) to co-sponsor participants who already indicated an interest in participating in the conference. Candidates should then be propose/selected based on i) their ability to contribute to the promotion of CityNet throughout the world, ii)their representation of an important international organisation, and iii) a wish to maintain a geographical balance among the CityNet sponsored participants. Thus, it was agreed that DTU provides a proposal to be confirmed bey e-mail by the CityNet PSC.

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