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Database on priority pollutants

The "Database of SSPP" (D4.4) has been made available at a publicly available website, physically located at a server at DTU ( with direct links from the ADSS. The database interface is a list of all 23 parameters (25 actual entries because BOD and COD have been split and because pH has been added) along with their CAS-number and their type (basic parameter, metal, PAH, herbicide, misc. XOC).

Table of contents:
1 Introduction
1.1 Objective
1.2 This deliverable

2 Methodology
2.1 Source characterisation
2.2 Recipient, receptor and criteria identification
2.3 Hazard and problem identification
2.4 The hazard assessment
2.5 Expert judgement

3 Selected Stormwater Priority Pollutants
3.1 The SSPP list
3.2 Database

4 References

5 Appendix 1 Inherent data for the organic SSPP
6 Appendix 2 Results from the screening of the organic SSPP.

Stormwater, problem-oriented hazard identification, database, potential stormwater pollutant
(PSP), potential stormwater priority pollutant (PSPP), stormwater priority pollutant (SPP);
selected stormwater priority pollutants (SSPP).

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