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CityNet press-releases 2005 (DayWater conf related)

First Announcement

International Conference on
Final DAYWATER conference and work-shop
Paris, France
3rd - 4th November 2005

Conference objectives:
Decision procedures in urban management are complex since they involve many stakeholders, complex regulations as well as difficult ecological, social and economical impact assessment. Taking into account the urban dynamics, i.e. the rapid evolution of urban areas, decision procedures should be adaptive both in space and time.

Stormwater source control is perceived today as an efficient solution to resolve flooding and pollution problems connected to urban stormwater. It is a key issue for sustainable development in the urban con-text. However, implementing the best solution re-mains difficult because the range of possible measures is vast and individual needs have to be defined. A DayWater research and development European project aims at understanding and integrating these issues in a coherent manner and proposes an adaptive decision support system (ADSS) for the decision makers. This project is organised within the "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" Programme in the 5th Framework Programme for "Science Research and Technological Development" of the European Commission and is part of the CityNet Cluster, the network of European research projects on integrated urban water management.

This conference and the enclosed workshops, open to a large public, aims at developing interactions be-tween searchers and private or public urban stake-holders as well as consultants. Both developers and users of urban decision support systems for stormwa-ter source control will be invited to present their re-spective work and experience in testing such sys-tems.

The main topics of the DayWater programme are:
- Decision support systems (DSS) in urban storm-water management,
- Integration of urban stormwater management into urban dynamics,
- Risk analysis and impact assessment,
- Best Management Practice multicriteria analysis,
- Models for sources and flux assessment,
- Integrated DSS testing and validation.

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