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DayWater full ADSS for testing in case studies: User-guide

This report is developed in a form of user guide and reference guide for practical use of ADSS prototype.

The basic approach and general concept for ADSS building is described in the introductory chapter. Then system architecture is detailed as well as client-server access rights to the ADSS.

Main ADSS functionalities are listed in next chapter being followed by description of distinct components connected to ADSS. Special interest is devoted to the "guided mode" functionality where basic technological implementation is presented.

Main ADSS goals were then summarised as follows:
- To focus on problems concerning hydrology and pollution as well as on decision making process under the socio-economical and political context,
- To offer and improve the knowledge with systematic representation of USWM,
- To provide the functionality for adapting its structure, content and environment.
All these goal are met by ADSS.

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