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Prototype of stand-alone source and flux model

STORM is a fully-fledged polluting load simulation model (long-term continuum and single events) and suitable for dimensioning facilities for the treatment of combined sewage. It is designed based on TRINTSIM and additionally offers the full range of elements for combined sewers and stormwater treatment and the calculation of large catchments.

- Planning from single measures to entire drainage systems with on-site and central elements
- Cisterns, surface infiltration, troughs, trough-trench systems, green roofs, Innodrain©, etc.
- Rainwater retention tanks, central infiltration facilities, rainwater sedimentation tanks
- Cisterns for rainwater utilisation
- Combined sewage elements like rainwater overflows, rainwater overflow tanks in bypass and series, soil filters
- Storage cascade to provide for the runoff concentration in larger sub-catchments
- Translation components for modelling longer flowtime
- Suitable for studies, concepts and all planning phases of the fee structure for architects and engineers
- Dimensioning by means of long-term simulation
- Connect any elements
- Great flexibilty through object-oriented programming

STORM also offers
- Intuitive graphical user interface based on MapObjects (ESRI)
- Coordinate-accurate portrayal of CAD graphics in dwg and dxf format, shape files (GIS systems) und aerial photos (bmp,tiff, jpg)
- Connection to sewer system calculation with Hystem-Extran (itwh)
- Variable customisation of the system behavior via characteristic curves for volume, runoff, etc.
- Several rain recorders
- Compilation of precipitation and runoff statistics
- Output of relief concentrations and loads for single elements

The following interfaces to other programmes are at your command:
- Directly open TRINTSIM 3.x-, 4.x projects
- Data transfer from KOSIM 5.1/6.1
- Import existing TRINTSIM 2.x projects
- Export and import data from and to ArcView (ESRI)
- Data exchange via the CSV format and the clipboard with MS-Excel and other programmes
- Copy the system graphics via the clipboard into other programmes
- Create result reports in the universal rtf format
- Create a wave file for Hystem-Extran (itwh)

A demo version is available for download at:

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