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Optical engine system dedicated to the study of spray and mixing phenomena in HCCI combustion

An optical engine has been designed and installed at Chalmers. The optical engine is a one-cylinder research version of a Volvo 4-valve diesel engine based on an AVL 501. The optical access is provided by two fused silica windows in the upper part of the cylinder liner giving the horizontal access trough the cylinder.

The vertical access is given by one of the exhaust valves replaced with a fused silica window. Further is the cylinder head prepared with endoscope entrances. The engine has also an EGR system, which is integrated with the rest of the engine control system.

The optical engine is used for laser diagnostics.

Different optical methods are applied in order generate measurements data. The data is used for validation of CFD codes.

The engine will be further used in other EU projects, for example GREEN.

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