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New nozzles technology for fuel injection system adapted to HCCI engines

These results help to solve the design and process challenges of HCCI type FIS.
The results will be relevant to design and manufacturing areas but also OEM's which are our customers. The general public will benefit from future engine using these types of innovative FIS.

HCCI needs a tailored fuel injection system. Requirements in terms of maximum injected flow per unit time, maximum pressure, nozzle configuration (number of holes, sizes holes) and spray pattern are specific to the HCCI combustion concept studied.

Delphi has identified the relevant fuel injection system requirement and corresponding designs to promote and control the HCCI in a HD diesel engine.

The main innovative feature is a nozzle design that allows us to give the required narrow cone angle spray pattern with good flow characteristics and the required durability.

Benefits from this results will be seen through reduction of engine emissions.During the course of the project the relationship between Valve in flow and V out flow (both measured after honing) was further explored and was extended to include nozzles with narrow cone angles. Experimental nozzles were made with up to 24 injection holes. Injection pressures up to 2000 bar were explored.

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