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HCCI engine results

The HD application of HCCI combustion mode based on the dual mode NADI(TM) concept lead to the following conclusions when applied on a single-cylinder engine:
-With multiple injection strategies, HCCI running is possible up to 15 bar at mid-speed with quasi zero NOx emissions, soot slightly higher to series engine and limited impact on BSFC (LP loop not taken into account)

-Limited CO and HC emissions which are compatible with conventional aftertreatment

-Extended HCCI range is possible with increased injection pressure and decreased compression ratio (problem with cold start and impact on BSFC)

- Performance at full load is comparable with the series engine

- CRT technology is efficient to treat CO and HC emission in HCCI and particulate emission at full load

The transfer of the technology to multi-cylinder engines is limited by the turbocharger performances, which does not allow the high EGR rate required for an efficient control of combustion. At low load (BMEP 5to 8 bar) HCCI running even with single injection, simultaneously proves very low NOx and soot emissions albeit with an impact on BSFC (air loop). Higher BMEP generates considerable impact on fuel consumption and is limited.

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